Where are you going ?

In this state of anarchy and conflict

the life of a man or a woman

is like a movie with disjointed and chaotic roles that turns in circles

and doesn't get anywhere.


real life

has an aim.


It is painful to see the failure of a life,

to close the balance.

But this moment of truth

is the liberation of the real "I",

an opportunity to be born anew.


To go from lies to truth,

to be or not to be

is the only choice.

What do you choose?

If you hesitate, go back to "your" life.

Otherwise make a daring choice.

Only you can do it,

nobody in your place.

If your choice is to stay here,

to go further,

you are in the central alley

of the presence of self.

Look carefully all around and work.

Truth will liberate you.

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