Who are you ?

Here know yourself .

Real consciousness of self

is the beginning of all reality,

interior and exterior.


Three "I"s form your being:


  • The I of the body .
  • The I of the emotions and thoughts: the personality.
  • The real "I".
Each of these"I"s

lives according to

its consciousness:


  • The physical body in a state of subconscience.
  • Personality in a state of 'vigil'
  • Real "I" in the state of
real consciousness of self.

Each of these I's has its particular roles,

its proper place,

like in a boat

or a coach,

but realty here, now,

is far from this scene.

Personality wants to play dominant roles.

It is made of many "I"s,

divided and in conflict.

This anarchy manifests itself

in lies, expedients, negative emotions

and restlessness: A psychic sleep.


The perspective of such a situation is


and death.

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